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Vintage & Antique Jewelry Education 
There is so much to learn about antique and vintage costume jewelry. Here you will find links to such sites, all with information which both dealers and collectors  have found valuable throughout the years. 

Vintage & Antique Costume Jewelry General Education
Jewellery in Costume and Fashion History
From Ancient Egypt to 21st Century~
Illusion Jewels
Researching Costume Jewelry
Jarrett's Jade Giant
Compendium of Designer Info
~for Jewelry + ~Fashion~Perfumes~Textiles~
Jewelry Ring Mall Blog
Packed with links to info on antique & vintage costume jewelry.
The History of Jewelry
Origins of Jewellery Design

Ilustrated guide to jewelry from the dawn of man through Egyptian through Art Deco.
Jewelry Whatz It?
Loaded with hard-to-find info on Vintage Jewelry ~ Illustrated.
1960's Jewelry, '60s Jewellery
Read about the swinging '60s jewelry scene, including Hip, Mod, Boho & more!
Center for Jewelry Studies
From Christie Romero, who gave us Warman's, the Antique & Vintage Jewelry Collector's Bible.
Collecting Costume Jewelry
dvice for collectors. Many articles, practical tips
Delizza & Elster Juliana Jewelry Education Web Site
Get your D&E jewelry verified, see our albums, get your album linked.
The Dog Jewelry Museum
Photos and facts about vintage dog jewelry, including makers, availability.
Smithsonian Jewelry Search
See ancient and antique classics to understand design types
Cameos Collector's E-mail List
Members post information and inquiries relating directly to the subject of evaluating CAMEOS.
Collecting Miriam Haskell Jewelry E-mail Group
Learn about Miriam Haskell Jewelry. Learn how to tell if an unsigned piece is Haskell. Get your Haskell jewelry or suspected Haskell jewelry verified FREE.
Sentimental Jewelry
A wonderful blog full of facts. Large, excellent pictures of sentimental jewelry from Georgian through Victorian eras.
Enchanted Learning Illustrated Jewelry Glossary Julia Carroll's Collectible Jewelry Condition Tips
For collectors about condition and what repairs are acceptable, and what are not. A MUST not only for collectors and investors, but also for sellers.
Vintage Costume Jewelry
Owl Pendants
Info & images of several hundred owl pendants sorted by rarity, signature, variations and more. Great site!
Jewelry Symbolism
Historical symbolism in jewelry; will help you choose a gift or ID your jewels!

Vintage Jewelry Materials

Silver Mystery Marks
Pages of Questions, Answer, & images of marks.
Is it Silver?
SilverForum Article Series Sheryl Gross Shatz, Certified Gemologist
Online Encyclopedia
of Silver Marks
Hallmarks & Maker's Marks
Eureka I Found It Metal Identification Page
Zinc Iron Pot Metal Bronze Brass
History of Chrome Plating
From the Ask a Scientist Chemistry Archive, of all places! Includes a couple of links.
What is Attracted to Magnets?
In depth; covers both metals & some minerals.
Ganoksin Cloisonné Primer
History of cloisonné technique

Other pages detail enameling techniques used in antique & vintage jewels
Genuine Amber Information
How to tell if you've got amber rather than plastic+
Gemstones Listed by Color
Explore the site and find many galleries filled with good images of precious & semi-precious gems. Also, check out
Mineral Gallery
Jewels Gemstone Collection
Help with Gemstone ID. Shows semi precious stones in the raw. Images are bright can be enlarged .
What is Saphiret Glass?
Complete with large Photos of Czech Saphiret jewelry.
Barbara Sigel's Free Online Gemology Course.
Examines precious and semi precious stones, shows good pix and explains gemstone terms.
Mother of Pearl
What it is, where it's from & more. Illustrated article by
R.V. Dietrich
Janet Gaynor's About Ivory Page
Learn the difference between animal, vegetable ivories,bone. Info on how to clean vintage and antique ivory.
Minerology Database
The largest mineral database and mineralogical reference website on the internet.

Vintage Designer Jewelry Advertisements

Vintage Jewelry Ads
Image event by Eclectic Vintage - Costume Jewelry & Collectibles
Anne's Gems Avon Jewelry Ads
Enjoy this one-of-a-kind educational resource of Avon jewels from 1965 to 1979.Links to Avon designer galleries.
Morning Glory Trifari Ads
Four pages of ads ranging from 1940s to 1970s.
House of Francheska
Vintage Jewelry Ads

~There are just loads of them, many we do not ordinarily see

Jewelry Patent Information

U.S. Patent Office Full Text & Image Database
Got those pesky numbers on the backs of your jewels? Just type them into the database and find out patent dates, who filed them, and more!
New Jewelry Patent Site
A labor of love by Jan Cox and Bob Brown, this patent site starts with the earliest US patents for jewelry designs and findings to be accompanied by pictures of the actual jewels whenever possible.
Huge Jewelry Patent Site
A labor of love courtesy of Katz Jewelers. All the patents you could ever want by designer or assignor. It will take you weeks to peruse this.
Jewelry Patent Project
Huge Site with patents + other jewelry info. Registration is FREE.
Coro Design Patents
Many photos, original designs, and origins of Coro Jewelry

Vintage Jewelry Fakes Education

Fakelite Web Site
An entire web site dedicated to teaching collectors how to avoid the fake stuff, the fakes now out there, and how to be a Fakelite Detective.
Fake Miriam Haskell Jewelry vs. Genuine Haskell.
Expert Cathy Gordon's images prepared for a Paypal dispute concerning fake Haskell.
Viga Boland's
Vintage Jewelry Blogger
Covers Schiaparelli & Miriam Haskell Fakes plus thoughts on other designer costume jewelry
Vintage Costume Jewelry
Fakes Alert

A news page for the latest online fake antique & designer jewelry
Gail's Bakelite Guide
How to spot "Fakelite," and an in-depth guide to buying real vintage bakelite.
Bobye's Reproductions of Vintage Costume Jewelry
Quality reproductions of high-end jewels of Eisenburg, Coro, Boucher & more.
How to Spot Fake Weiss
There's more fake Weiss than genuine out there. Easy to learn image format.
Index of Fakes
So mysterious--just raw image links on the Radixnet Internet Service site that you can't find from the home page. Just click on the image links.
CUR.IO Fake Weiss!
...and other vintage stuff. Carrie Pollack's Blog

Is it Real or Is it Fake?
Rhinestone Rainbow offers how to spot certain designer fakes. Eisenberg, Trifari, Coro, Staret, Boucher, Trifari Jelly Belly pins.

Fake Hatpins
Fake "antique" hatpins are a lucrative business run rampant on eBay. If you collect hatpins, read this!

Vintage Jewelry Individual Designer Galleries

The Many Faces of Selro
Acknowledged expert Kathy Davis shows Asian face & other jewels by Selro & Selini, signed & unsigned, sharing her expertise.
Dan Day's Sarah Coventry Image Event Collection
Photos you can click to see very nice large ones. Pieces and sets, including names.
Delizza & Elster D&E Juliana Jewelry Education Gallery
Click on desired jewelry category, and guess what Frank DeLizza has verified.
Little Nemo Gallery
An extensive collection of Little Nemo jewelry. Shows fronts, backs. Signed LN, L/N, LN25, LN/25 LN50
Sherman Jewelry Blog
All about Sherman Jewelry, Signed & Unsigned
Kattslair Vintage HAR Jewelry
Incredible gallery of jewels designed by HAR by type: Asian faces, florals, dragons, creatures & much more!
Bobye's Jewel Creations Catalog Pages
All About Chanel
History and discussion of Chanel jewelry with good images.
Kattslair Vintage ART(c)
Jewelry Gallery

One-page gallery of gorgeous jewels signed ART. Shows the great diversity of ART jewelry.
Unsigned Miriam Haskell Gallery
Cathy Gordon's fabulous photos of unsigned Haskell.
Unsigned Haskell Clips & Pins Miriam Haskell Findings
More great Galleries by Cathy Gordon, co-author of
Miriam Haskell Jewelry
Haskell Clips & Pinbacks
Haskell Necklace Clasps
All About Siam Sterling Neilloware Eclectic Vintage Research Information and Resources
A treasure trove of info for jewelry collectors. Included is D&E (aka Juliana), Florenza, Forbidden Fruit, Grapes, Sea Life, Kenneth Lane, Pansy Collection +++

Miscellaneous Vintage Jewelry Education

Jewelry_Ring Yahoo Group Jewelry Book Reviews.
Read before you buy that book~
Milky Way Jewels Resources
Links to vintage jewelry info not found elsewhere~Chanel, Walter Lampl, Nielloware, damascene, gemstones, enameling & more
1924 Article: How to Wear Jewelry
Not only entertaining, but also jewelry wearing principles that are relevant today.


Vintage Costume Jewelry


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Vintage Jewelry Prices

Vintage Jewelry to Buy Online